This campout is going to be a little different. Not only is is camporee and one of out new scouts first campouts, we’re going to be hosting some cub scouts. First thing we did was set up camp and have the classic hot dogs and s’mores, and go to bed. when we woke up, we had breakfast, broke camp, and drove off to the camporee.

Camporee was great, first we watched them raise the flag, than we went and did activities. We filled out water bottles, and went to do many activities like shelter building -which we did particularly well on, might I add- , archery, a fitness course, a leadership activity, tug of war, and more. We had a lunch of sandwiches and protein bars, than went and did more activities, like learning about blacksmithing, leather burning, and a coordination exercise. We also had a lot of fun at a knot tying station. We then had ramen for dinner, when it started raining. We cleaned up and went to the fire, which had skits, awards, and more.

All in all it was a very fun day, especially because we were able to teach some new scouts/cub scouts some fun new skills.

our shelter
knot tying station
Scout Camporee