Lemme just tell you now, this campout was cold. I’m very glad we had a fire. Actually, it was the first thing we did once we got there. We also set up tents, and in the process realized that some were a little more beat up that we were okay with. After enjoying the fire for a few hours, we had to put it out and go to bed. In the morning, we made a fire, had a good breakfast, hung around for a few hours, and more scouts arrived! We put out the fire, went on a beautiful hike, which was sooooo picturesque, especially in the fall. When we got back, we re-kindled the fire, and got started on dinner. We ate, enjoyed the fire and being together, sung songs, and generally had a good time. Soon, we went to bed, for a good night’s rest. We woke up, had breakfast, packed up camp, and left.

About to go on the hike
Manidokan Campout