Show your patriotism and line your streets with American flags!

Scouts BSA Troop 1920 will place flags in your neighborhood for national holidays!

The Scouts will place a high-quality 3’x5’ flag on a 9’ pole in your front lawn by your mailbox near sunrise on President’s day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Veteran’s Day.  In the evening, we’ll take down the flag near sunset.  (Pursuant to section 6(c) of the U.S. Flag Code, we fly our flags regardless of weather.)

100% of the funds raised goes to Scouts BSA Troop 1920 for their activities and community service.  This subscription covers until after President’s Day, 2023 (Feb. 20, 2023).

Two ways to donate:

1. Check payable to “Troop 1920”. Mail to:

Troop 1920, 19331 Frenchton Pl., Montgomery Village, MD 20886
Include the form below or go online:

2. Send Venmo payments to: @TroopNineteenTwenty-ScoutsBSA

  Include your address as a comment!

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