There are occasional, valid, reasons for the use of cell-phone and similar devices while at a scouting event.  These include:

  1. Taking Pictures where appropriate
  2. Using the Phone for GPS requirements
  3. Emergency contacts
  4. Electronic maps and navigation
  5. Medical Management
  6. Alarms
  7. Weather updates and monitoring
  8. Monitoring health and or physical activity

Electronic gaming devices without other purpose are not permitted on outings and activities.

Just as a Scout must earn the Totin’ Chip to use a pocket knife or axe, Scouts must earn the cyber-chip as a minimum requirement to have a cell-phone at Troop activities and events. Corners of the card may be removed if the device is used inappropriately or at an inappropriate time.  The entire Cyber-Chip award may require being re-earned once all corners are removed from the card to have the privileges of holding the card restored. The award may also be required to be re-earned for specific rank advancement.  The Troop shall have a “drop bin” where all electronics must be placed when not used for an appropriate activity or approved purpose.