Hooray for Backpacking!!! We went backpacking this weekend, in the 90 F weather. It actually was really nice, because we never hiked in the middle of the day, really only in the evening and in the late morning, so it was relatively cool the whole time. We were able to start hiking, and for 3 1/2 miles, we sang and played walking games, until we got to our campsite.

One fun thing with backpacking is that everything you carry out you either eat or take back everything you take out, so after we ate dinner, had some water, and hit the hay for the night, our backpacks were a lot lighter. Somehow, that must’ve made a huge difference, because hiking back felt like it took a lot shorter to hike than the way there.

On our way out of the park, we stopped by the visitors center and got stickers to commemorate many of the scouts first ever backpacking trip.

Backpacking at Catoctin