We are very pleased that your family has decided to become a part of our troop, and although we are focused on providing your Scout the best possible opportunity for Character Development, Citizenship, and Personal Fitness; it is a family commitment from all of us to make that happen.


Troop 1920 uses a variety of means to communicate with our Scouting families. An email list-serve is used for distribution of general information and notices. The GroupMe application is used for timely text communications. Please request an invitation to these important communication tools.

In addition to this website and facebook, Troop 1920 also uses google drive and google calendar to keep our families up to date and with the best available information about events and activities.

One-on-one communications between adults and youth members of the Troop are not permitted. Always include either the youth member’s parent(s) and/or a Scoutmaster in any communications including email, or text messages. For telephone communications, ensure others are in the room/nearby on either or both ends of the communications.

Operating Guidelines

The parents and committee members of Troop 1920 have developed an operating guidelines document to help assure consistency in Troop operations.

BSA Links

To help us provide a great experience for your Scout, and to keep them safe while doing so, there are some forms and other paperwork that we need to have. These forms are required for all activity participants, including adults and leaders

  • Medical Forms (must be updated annually)
    • The Annual Health and Medical Record form (Parts A&B) must be filled out and turned in to the Troop leadership to participate in any troop activities.  This form only requires parents’ signatures.
    • The Annual Health and Medical Record form (Parts A,B, & C) are required for the Scout (or Adult) to attend Summer Camp.  This form requires the signature of a Physician.
    • The Annual Health and Medical Record form and other risk disclosures are required for the Scout to participate in a High Adventure Camp activity.  These forms are specific to the type of activity.  This form must be completed by a Physician.
  • Activity Consent
    • The Activity Consent form is required for each Scout, for each campout or adventure activity that they participate in.
  • Incident Reports
    • The Incident Report form is used to report all injuries, illnesses, and incidents during Scouting activities or on council-owned properties that require the intervention of a medical provider beyond basic Scout-rendered first aid.

Merit Badge Counselor Form

Troop 1920 asks that all adult parents or guardians for our Troop members register as a Merit Badge Counselor for at least one merit badge. There are many merit badges to select from covering all ranges of professions, hobbies, interests, community service, scoutcraft, and life skills.

Use this form to register as a merit badge counselor. Note – you must print this two page PDF file on two sides of a single sheet of paper. You must also complete the Youth Protection Training by creating an account at my.scouting.org and then selecting the scout training center.

Scouter Training

You are a new parent to our Troop, we all were once.  Because of this, the Boy Scouts of America has developed an extensive network of mentoring, on-line and in-person training, and even camp-away training courses.

Unit Commissioners are experienced Adult leaders that serve as mentors for new leaders, answering their questions, and helping them to do the best job they can.

Whether you are a Scoutmaster or a Committee Member, On-Line training to help you understand the role of your position and how to do it is available at my.scouting.org.  These courses are ideal for letting you learn at your own pace and schedule.

How to get started.

Other training opportunities include:

  • Roundtable (a meeting of scouters throughout the district, held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Epworth United Methodist Church).
  • University of Scouting
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)
  • Woodbadge
  • Powderhorn

These courses, in addition to helping you better serve your leadership role, can also help you with managerial and leadership training that can serve your career. Some employers will even cover the cost and/or provide paid leave for Woodbadge Training.

Troop Survey

This survey should be filled out by each Scout working with their parent or guardian.  This helps the troop know the resources available to us through our Scout families. It also helps us to identify ways you can help the troop that match your skills and interests.

Financial Aid

If a family has financial concerns about their ability to participate in scouting activities, they should approach the Troop treasurer or the Troop Committee Chairperson who will work with Troop committee, without revealing the identity of the family (or families) in need to determine the level of support the Troop, and the National Capital Area Council, can offer.

Web Site Policy

The troop policy for information and photos published on this web site.