Eagle Scout Medal

There is a saying that “Once and Eagle, Always an Eagle”.

Eagle Scout Pledge

I reaffirm my allegiance To the three promises of the Scout Oath. I thoughtfully recognize And take upon myself The obligations and responsibilities Of an Eagle Scout. On my honor I will do my best To make my training and example, My rank and my influence Count strongly for better Scouting And for better citizenship In my troop, In my community, And in my contacts with other people. To this I pledge my sacred honor.

The Eagle Scout award is currently achieved by approximately 8% of those who have joined the Scouting movement in the United States. Since the inception of the Eagle Scout award in 1911, it has been earned by approximately 2.5 million youth. In 2019, with the induction of young women into the Scouts BSA program, this award is now being earned by young men and young women.

Some of the prior recipients of the Eagle Scout Award include Nobel Prize laureates, Medal of Honor recipients, astronauts, prominent business leaders, politicians, academics, actors, and athletes. They also include other members of our community: some of our local firefighters, doctors, pilots, local shop owners and workers, maybe even that helpful person at the store who got something off the top shelf for you, or picked up that piece of trash from the street as they walked by. Eagle Scouts give to our community in immeasurable ways, often – usually, without recognition or mention. This is their charge – to use what they have learned to make the community a better place, and to pass on those skills and that philosophy.

As a part of their journey to Eagle, each recipient leads, plans and conducts a significant project that benefits the community. In 2011, it is estimated the Eagle Scout projects contributed 9.5 million hours of service to their respective communities.

Troop 1920 has only been in existence since 2019, and we are proud to have already begun to contribute Eagle Scouts to our community.

Bethany H. ** (SD #1)8/25/2021Firewood shelter for Izaak Walton League LGS
Elora W. ** (SD #2)11/2/2021Mural Painting for UUCR Church
Samantha V. ** (SD #3)6/22/2022Pollinator Garden at Izaak Walton League LGS
Cassidy P.4/24/2024Swings and Play Area at Izaak Walton League LGS

** Note that Bethany, Elora, and Samantha were also the first three female Eagle Scouts in the Seneca District.

Once a Scout has turned 18, at their request we may update this table to include their full name.