This campout was very wet, to say the least. We got to the campground and were able to set up just before it started to pour, and continued to rain all night. We didn’t even make a fire that night it rained so hard. Instead, we played games under our big tent, and made some hotdogs on a stove. The fun part starts the second day though.

In the morning, we got straight into our swim gear, because we were going to whitewater rafting right after a delicious breakfast (WHICH WAS PROVIDED!!!:D). After we got on our helmets and life jackets, we got some instruction, and started down our 7 mile course. The water was COLD, which we learned at the first rapid. Throughout the course, we were able to get in the water at times in pools between rapids, which was very fun. We also got in the water when one of the boats wiped out and everyone fell out. Thankfully we didn’t lose any oars -even ended up with one extra for some reason- in the wipeout. At one point there was even a place where we beached the boats and jumped off a tall rock into deep water. SO FUN. Eventually though, we had to finish the course, get changed, and get back to the campsite to eat lunch, where a little surprise awaited us.

When we got back for lunch, we broke out the sandwich supplies, and somehow, a little cat smelled it, and came running. We saw it and immediately fell in love. Many pictures were taken, and many cuddles were given. The cat was surprisingly clean, and seemed to be comfortable around humans, so we let her stay around camp. surprisingly, she was still there after we left for the provided dinner and another adventure.

Before we went for dinner, we stopped by a waterfall that eventually ran into the river we had rafted earlier that day, climbed behind and around it on all the rocks which was terrific. The rocks were like the perfect size for climbing, and we stayed there for a while. We also got a little wet there, adding to the overall wetness of the trip.

When we got back to camp, the cat was still there, so there was more love given to her while playing games in the evening. It still rained that night, but we were able to make a fire, and enjoy it before bed.

The next morning, we took down camp, and went to have breakfast. Insanely, before we left for breakfast, the cat was STILL there, so after a bit of begging, pleading, and bargaining, one of the scouts brought it home to a vet and found it a permanent home.

Whitewater Rafting August 2023