This campout isn’t about requirements, or merit badges, this one is for hopefully getting more recruits.

First things first we set up camp, made dinner, talked for a bit, and went to bed. Really, the second day is when all the fun happens. The second day, after we had breakfast and all that, we started setting up for the people coming. Some of the activities we had were things like a monkey bridge, basically a really thick rope that you walk on strung in between two A frames with two ropes also strung for handholds, built by our very own scouts. That one really was a hit. We also had leadership activities, like a game where one person is blindfolded, and had to collect things without hitting anything off limits, while being lead by others. We also had a really cool pressure cannon thing, where you put water in a bottle, pump air into it, and shoot it into the air. T’was very cool. We had many people come, and I would say that they liked it. Eventually, people started leaving, and we started taking down the activities. Once everything was done and down, we had dinner and got ready for our Court of Honor.

In our Court of Honor, we got many merit badges, as it was the first one after Scout Camp. We had a few people gain ranks. It was a nice court of honor. we also had skits that we prepared. They were fun to do and watch. Soon, the fire died down, was put out, and we all went to bed. The next morning, we had breakfast, packed up and left.

looking after the fire
Recruitment Campout