When we got there we set up camp, our tents for our individual families, and once we did that we started on making a fire. We set up an ax yard, and the fire was big and beautiful. Eventually, at like 10, we put it out, after reading scary story’s and talking. We all got really nice hats, curtsy of one of our scout leaders.

The next morning, we made breakfast, ate, cleaned up, and got ready for the hike. While we waited for everyone to be done, we had fun by just singing Hamilton. We went on the hike, and on the hike there were pretty lakes, pretty flowers, and pretty trees. Once we got to the stopping place, we ate lunch for 30 minutes, and went back. One of our scouts started feeling pain in her foot, so we wrapped it and kept going. When we got back, we hung out, and learned how to make rope. After that, we went with one of our scout leaders, and learned how to make this really cool monkey bridge, and we even got to walk across it. Eventually, we made dinner and started a fire. we made a new shillelagh, and cut some wood in the ax yard. We had a blazing fire that night, and talked about requirements and stuff like SPL stuff. At the end of the night we put out the fire, and hurried to our tents to get some sleep.

The next day, we put our stuff away, made and ate breakfast and got ready to leave. we cleaned up the fire pit, the ax yard, and did a final police line. And we left, back to civilization.

In person Camp Out!