For this troop meeting, we went to Whetstone Pool, and stayed in the grassy area. We had plenty of games and candy, and we had a lot of fun! Some scouts even dressed up!

The first activity we did was guess how many candy corn was in a jar! Then we went over to a place where we had to pop balloons to get candy. Soon, we went over to the bag toss. We had to get the beanbags into the Halloween pumpkin that was painted onto a board with holes in it. After than one of the scouts tried to teach us how to juggle. Than we went over to the hoop toss. We threw glowing bracelets at witch hats trying to get them on the tips of the hats. Than we went to pumpkin bowling. You got a few pieces of candy for every pin you knock over by rolling a pumpkin at it. Than we ties doughnuts onto strings tied to sticks and tried to catch it using only our mouths. After we finished that, we cleaned up and figured out who won the jar of candy corn. One of our older scouts got it, only being about 6 away!

An unexpected event happened as well. One of the scouts lost their hat buckle. We looked in the grass for it, but couldn’t find it. Eventually we decided to look for it in the morning when it was light.

Special Halloween Meeting!