Another year come and gone, and here we are back at Klondike! As always, we had an amazing time, though it may have been a little cold.

We started off as usual, setting up camp and preparing for the campout. we registered our sleds – yes you read right, sleds plural! We finally made another Klondike sled, and we have enough people for them both to be used! the past month or so of meetings has been constructing it, and it works so well, and it’s wheels are far better than the previous one. Learning for the Win y’all! Anyways, off of that side tangent, once everything was finished up for the night, we said good night and went to bed

The next morning , once we had our breakfast we headed up to the upper field, where they raised the flag, starting off the day of activities. We ran off to the lower field, where we did an activity that we all loved, the electric wall, where everything in you patrol, including the sled has to get over a wall about the size of the scouts. We made monkey bridges, popcorn over a fire we made ourselves, and went through an obstacle course of tables, then reconvened for lunch. After a delicious lunch, we headed up to the upper field, and did the activities up there, including saving a leprechaun, shooting a target with nerf guns while riding piggyback, making shelters, and overall having a great time.

Once the activities were officially over, we were able to make a nice hot dinner, and hang out in the campsite for a while. eventually, we all went to bed, and had a restful sleep. In the morning, before everyone left, all the patrols had a race with their sleds and a person in them. Sadly, we didn’t win, but it was still fun to have that last hurrah before heading home.

Klondike 2024