ILST is a leadership training program that we have to do every year, and because it ends up being the only thing we end up doing on a campout, and most of it is sitting and learning something for a bit, then playing a game to put those skills to use, we end up going cabin camping when we do it! When we got there we got bunks set up, fetched water from the spigot near the back, and made a nice dinner to wind us down. we didn’t end up doing any teaching that night, but that’s good, because everyone’s tired and wouldn’t be listening anyways.

Instead, we went through all three parts of the training the next day, after making a wonderful breakfast. While doing the training, we learned about how important the chain of command is, how much communication helps in like every scenario ever, learning to trust our leaders, and to trust in each other. We learned how groups of people go through stages of performance, and lots of other things. We played games like telephone, helium stick, blindfolded obstacle courses with someone to guide you, and got to know some rocks.

We were able to spend a lot of time together just talking and having fun in addition to all the learning that was going on too! We always find ways to have fun on these campouts, and this one was no exception! eventually we had to go home though, so once everything was packed up again, we started on the long journey home.

ILST 2024