We first went to the troop quartermasters house so that we could load up all the supplies we would need, and everyone drove in separate vans, one for each family, and drove to the campsite.

When we got there, there was a rowdy boy troop next to us, so we asked if we could move sites, cause you know, Covid. We were allowed to, so we moved over a few sites, and set up camp. Than we played a few games and got some well needed rest.

The next day, the scouts woke up early to get some dutch ovens hot and ready. eventually everyone woke up, and we all made breakfast. Soon after, we started our leadership training, which included games like passing a ball around in a circle, with an increasing amount of balls, a nail balancing game, a game where one person had to get bigger balls thrown at them, while trying to hold them all. After they did it the first time, they were allowed to delegate the balls to other people. Soon afterwards, we had lunch, which lasted for about an hour.

After that, we had an activity where we found rocks, named them, and created a personality, by introducing it to other peoples rocks. We love our rocks. Afterwards, we had to guide teammates through an obstacle course, while they were blindfolded. We than scrambled our rocks from before, and had to figure out whose rock was whose. We than had a very fun game, where you had to make a Lego set, without instructions, the only things you have to go on being the word of your teammates, one of which was looking at the original set, and telling your one other teammate how to make it, who relays that to you.

Overall, it was a very fun program, and we had fun using our skills to finish the activities. We had dinner after that, a few scouts going to the park nearby while they waited. We than had a campfire, singing songs, and eventually having a flag retirement ceremony at the end, and going to bed. A few scouts left after that though.

The next day, everyone woke to a wonderful breakfast prepared for them by the other scouts in the troop, and we went over to the battlefield site, and had much fun, doing things including going around the battlefield, and seeing a 360 mural, depicting the war that was waged there. Soon, we had lunch, cleaned up the campsite, and left for home sweet home.