Wednesday, February 26, 2020

On February 26, we had a Court of Honor. This was significant because it has now been one full year since our troop was formed!

  • Scout Rank – 4 New Scouts (Total of 10 in Troop)
  • Tenderfoot Rank – 2 New Scouts (Total of 5 in Troop)
  • Second Class Rank – 2 Scouts (Total of 3 in Troop)
  • First Class Rank – 2 Scouts (Total of 2 in Troop)
  • Star Rank – 1 Scout (Total of 1 in Troop)
  • Awarded 19 Merit Badges

We also had a Friends of Scouting Presentation

There were Appreciation Awards to Leaders, and they announced our SOUSA Awards for 2020

Thanks to all the Scouts, families, and leaders for helping us have a successful first year!

Court of Honor – ONE YEAR Anniversary