This camping trip was so fun! First we got to campsite and started the fire, set up tents and made a fire and hot dogs. The fire was great, because all the wood was really dry. Most of it lit in like, 5 seconds flat. Anyways.

In the morning, we made train wreck, aka eggs, sausage, peppers, and hash browns. T’was yummy. We also prepared lunches then, because once we cleaned up, we went straight to a sailing place, where we split into two groups. One group stayed at the docks while the other went sailing. While we were at the docks, we kind of hung out, played games, and prepared skits for the campfire that night. While we were on the boat, we learned about how to work the jib, the sail, and some other cool things. One other cool thing about this campout, is that it’s one of the scouts birthdays. This is this scouts 18th birthday, so they’re graduating from the troop 🙁 … But we still had some time together, so we made another fire, made dinner, and had fun for the rest of the night. We sang songs, performed skits, ate cupcakes, and had a generally good time.

The next morning, we had breakfast, cleaned up camp, and left for home. Over all, this campout was really fun, and we were able to learn many skills.

Sailing Camping Trip!