For the April Rake the Lake, we did not use boats and go around on the lake like last time, but we did go around the lake, on the shore, and pickup trash there. Many of the scouts went to the end and worked back, but before we were able to do that, we noticed gold circle confetti everywhere, on the hill next to the boathouse. After we spent like 15 minutes doing that, we went to the ditch off the side of the end of the trail.

We found many interesting things, like an extension cord. We got at least 1 1/2 full bags, just us. After we left there, we went down the trail, picking up any trash we saw. We crossed a river to get the the other side, and cleaned up trash there too. Eventually it came time to go back, and we started heading back along the trail. When we were crossing the river to get back, we had to rush up to get to a truck with a bunch of other peoples trash bags that they had collected so we could put ours in. They had like 10 or 11 bags and ours actually had a hole in it, which made finding a few pieces of trash after it got tied easy to put in.

We walked back, got a few SSL forms signed, took a few pictures, talked a bit, and went home. It was fun and we encourage everyone to help out with keeping our community clean!

the truck picture
Rake the Lake