September 20-22, 2019

For our September Campout, we camped in Catoctin State Park at the Poplar Grove Youth Campground.  

This was our first campout as two patrols, and we definitely learned some things about the patrol method – how to work together, delegate, and still accomplish all of our goals.

This was one of our more laid back campouts, but fun nonetheless. When we arrived Friday Night, we set up our recently acquired tents in the dark and did cooking requirements. Then we settled in for a flag ceremony where we sang many songs.

We also unintentionally shared this campout with a troop we met at summer camp, which we found out when they started singing all star and we joined in. 

On Saturday, we were able to hike to Cunningham Falls. Then we returned to the campsite to work on advancement requirements.

Sunday morning, we cooked breakfast, packed up, and went home.

Ready for our hike!
At the Falls
Catoctin Camping and Cunningham Falls Hike