Awards and Advancement

Your Scout Handbook is your primary guide in learning about the skills and activities required for each rank advancement. The Scout handbook is also your primary method of recording your progress and demonstrating that you have completed requirements. Take care of your book, and it is recommended that you regularly make copies of your rank completion signoffs.

In the event that the advancement requirements change, it is not necessary to replace the scout handbook. Scouts may use the advancement supplement to keep track of the completion of advancement changes.

The Troop also uses the Scoutbook program to keep track of Scouts advancement progress.

Other awards that can be earned by Scouts include:

  • Toten’ Chip
  • Fireman Chit
  • The Cyber Chip
  • Merit Badges


If you are considering running for a position of responsibility within the Troop, learn about the roles and expectations for Troop Leadership positions.


  • Personal Camping or Backpacking gear lists
  • Troop or Patrol gear list
  • Planning menus and duty rosters