On this campout we did – guess what – CLIMBING! We went up to Sugarloaf Mountain with a few climbing instructors, and set up 3 courses to climb. One easy, one medium, and one that you climb up then rappel down. all of us were able to go up all of them, and several times, and they were SOO fun. We’re actually considering doing something like this again, but harder.

Climbing is a really fun sport, where it is advantageous to be tall, which means it was kinda difficult for a lot of people, but it was to fun to find different ways to get up, pressing elbows into racks in the rock, or being able to climb the face with only those cracks.

We spent most of the day up the mountain, pausing periodically for snacks and lunch. After our whole climbing time, we came back to our camp and hung out, and luckily the camp ground had one of those giant ground pillow/trampoline things, so we got to bounce on that for a while, and play gaga ball with another group that was staying there.

We had some amazing food, and a fun time around the campfire, and kept warm despite the coming chill.

Climbing Campout 2023