For this campout there was a bit of drama with the weather, as the first week we tried for it, it would be severely cold, and rainy. Not exactly the best conditions for a bike trip. Better conditions for ending up with hypothermia or something. So we changed it to the next week. It did end up raining, but only when we were leaving, not in the middle of the campout.

Anyways, when we got there, it was absolutely beautiful, with the sun casting ethereal light all over the campsite. We set up out tents, made a fire, and had crackers and cheese and s’mores. T’was delicious.

When we woke up in the morning, we had nice, hot, oatmeal, and nutella and bread. We were able to clean up, get our helmets, bikes, and everything else we needed for the ride. Then when we got to where the road started, our 15 Miles started. For the first bit we paused a lot to keep everyone together, but eventually we ended up just riding. At about 7 1/2 miles, we paused, ate lunch, and turned around. Then we rode for a bit until mile 11, and stopped to get ice cream. And so it became time for the last stretch. With muscles hurting, but a new energy from the ice cream, our next full stop would be the car. It was lightly drizzling at this point, so we got a good refreshing end.

After the bike ride, we went over to the Antietam battlefield to take the car tour, because we were too exhausted to walk everywhere. We were also able to get Junior Ranger books, and eventually get the badges. We saw a lot of landmarks, and monuments, and were able to gain a greater appreciation for the Bloodiest Day of the United States.

After a dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup, our campfire consisted of skits, songs, snacks, and hanging out. This night ended up being a lot warmer, then in the morning we were able to to have a cold breakfast in a place protected from the rain, get everything taken down, and go home.

Antietam Bike Trip