Saturday, July 11, 2020

As part of an international Messengers of Peace project, publicized by the Order of the Arrow (OA) we did a 3-hour trash clean-up service project. We had 5 scouts from our troop, another 2 friends from another troop, and 4 adult leaders join us, for a total of 11 people. (And a total of 33 service hours!)

We picked the trash up along Watkins Mill Road near the high school and the Seneca Greenway Trail – around one mile – on the sidewalks, in the forest, along stream beds, and under trees.

We collected 23 bags (11 recycling, and 12 trash) including tires, hubcaps, a tailpipe, a bucket, signs, wrappers, 100+ glass bottles, LOTS of plastic bottles, (didn’t count the plastic ones) and a lot of other things.

Side note we found several animals like turtles, moths, wasps and a lot of spiders and ants. (Scoutmaster got stung by a wasp!)

Overall, it was a really fun service project, not to mention the free 7-11 Slurpees that we got afterwards!

“Trash the Trash” in Montgomery Village