So when we got there in the evening, we picked tent buddies, put on sunscreen and bug spray, all that stuff, swept out the tents, and then we got a tour of the camp. After that we got a few hours to yourself, which is when the leaders made the duty roster. We got really hungry a few hours before dinner. After dinner we went to the begining-of-camp camp wide camp fire. after that we got ready for bed and slept through the night.

The next morning, we woke up, found where we were going for our first merit badge and went to our classes. they went until like, 1:00, which was when lunch was. After lunch, people went to their afternoon classes, and we had an hour of free time to do what we wanted. after that, we had dinner, and went to the camp wide activity.

the whole week went by more or less like this, with things in between, like the morning things where you could get up early and do things. Some of them were, a painting activity, the polar bear swim, the iron man, and the mile swim. Everyone had lots of fun, not to mention our neckerchief being the first girl one they put up!

One particularly exiting experience during the week was that there was a massive lightning storm in the middle of the week. everyone had to run to the closest building, and take shelter. this took place for at least 30 minutes. everyone was soaked, even with rain gear.

Troop 1920 standing in front of campsite

At the end of the week, we went to the end-of-camp camp wide campfire, and performed our skit, which was the “we don’t have a skit” skit. it was a very fun campfire. at the end of the week we even got “pebbles”- things that show you did the extra activities- everyone got at least one pebble, and we had many polar bear swims, and one scout even got the iron man! We also had all gotten at least a few things done in their scout hand book.

Summer Camp at Heritage Camp Freedom