This camping trip was really fun! We learned how to build fires, how to use sharp tools, and how to use a map and compass. This was actually our first campout in our new patrols.

When we got there, we set up tents and made a fire. making the fire was a bit of an adventure, because apparently we have a bit of a curse, because when we try to make fires in front of the youngsters, it never works. We were learning/ teaching Firemens’ chit, a badge that certifies you for making fires. We got it (eventually), and made hot dogs and ate snacks around the fire. Soon, we went to bed. That morning we made breakfast, and ate the glorious food. After that, we went on our orienteering course, set up by our scoutmaster, who lead the activity. We learned how to use the maps and compasses we were given to be able to get to the next coordinate.

When we finished, we did Toten chip, so we were able to use sharp tools like an ax or a saw. After, we were able to make a fire and eat dinner. During all this, one of our scouts accidentally ended up not drinking enough water, so she was feeling a bit sick, and she went home. In the morning, we ate breakfast, packed up camp, and went home.

Scout Skills!