So for this activity, we joined up with troop 1988, a troop in our area, and went skating together. When we got there, we were there a few minutes early, and waited for the scout with the tickets. When they got there, we got into groups of 2, and picked times, because the rink would only let 2 people on at a time, every 5 minutes. there were rotations of 1 hour, so some people finished and started at various times. They played music, and we had fun listening to that. Some people had a harder time skating than others, and I’m proud to say that the scouts who were doing well helped out the people who weren’t. Overall, we had a fun time, learned some new things, like the name of the thing they use to clean the ice, which is a Zamboni, by the way. But we had fun, which is most important.

Scout Skating