December 14-15, 2019

In December, we had an amazing opportunity to spend the night on a battleship! The USS Battleship New Jersey, anchored in Philadelphia, was having a Scout Night, where we would get to tour the ship and then sleep in the actual quarters. It is the most decorated battleship in US Naval history, and this was such a unique opportunity that we said YES!!

We went up to Philadelphia earlier in the day on Saturday, so that we could also see the Liberty Bell and tour Independence Hall while we were there.

Went to see The Liberty Bell.
Troop 1920 at Independence Hall

We then went over to the Battleship and waited for them to admit us. Meanwhile we played games (Battleship, anyone?) and some people walked along the dock to get a better view of the outside of the battleship.

A few scouts in front of the ship
Battleship New Jersey

Finally, we got to board, and they showed us our quarters. Everyone selected their bunks, got settled, and then we got to explore the ship a little (and find the “head” and try to find our way back, and get lost a little, and find ourselves, all while appearing to be exploring, and not lost.)

They had some games and activities set up, and we were allowed to have free time until dinner.

Some Scouts in their bunks, which were tiny

We had chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, and vegetables. Also, it was the same night as the Army vs. Navy football game, so they made sure to give us updates throughout the night (Go Navy!)

Then they took us on a tour of the battleship. We got to see all sorts of cool parts of the ship!

Steering the ship (not really)
Listening to tour guide
Looking at bombs
Control Panel
Powder Loading
Scouts in Hallway Broadway
Mannequins in the Dental Office
Captain’s Quarters

One of the coolest parts of the night, though, was getting to see the guns fire. We have a video below, but in reality the guns were MUCH louder than you hear in the video.

(The only slightly bad part was that it was cold and very windy, and some of us didn’t realize we would be going outside as part of the tour, so we left our jackets in our lockers. Lesson learned – be prepared! Oh well, it was still really really amazing to hear the guns fire!)

Guns Firing

Learn more about the USS Battleship New Jersey at their official website.

Overnight on the USS Battleship New Jersey