For this campout, when we got there, we set up camp, made a fire and a few s-mores, looked at the stars, and went to bed.

The next morning, we started a fire for dutch ovens, and made breakfast. We cut firewood, and hung out until about 10:30, when we got started on preparing for our hike. At 11, we left. The hike had many ups and downs, figuratively and literally. There were lots of hills. Though the trail looked as if not many people went on it, it was fun, and when we sat down to have lunch at the halfway point, we were very exhausted. At one point, about 3 miles in and a tiny bit left to go, we saw our campsite, right across from where we were standing. As we were very tired, and the campsite was right there, we decided to forgo the extra 0.2 miles. In the afternoon, we played games, got requirements passed off, and had fun making another fire. Soon, we made dinner, a few more s-mores, and hot chocolate. We also sang, recited quotes, and sang some more. A few scouts left that night though. That night we slept very deeply.

the next morning, we made a wonderful breakfast, packed up, and went home, for some much needed rest.

Ready to go on our hike!
Manadokin Campout