January 25, 2020

Troop 1920 goes on first Klondike Derby! Wow, was this an adventure! Weeks beforehand, we got together and made a sled for the Derby which the 14+ girls got to use power tools to put together, and the 13- girls used handheld tools to cut wood and screw things together.

We painted the sled with the troop logo, and finished putting it all together.

When the day finally came, we got to the place where it was hosted, excited and ready to go, despite a light drizzly rain.

Unfortunately, that’s when things starting going downhill. We got to the starting field with some… difficulty. The sled broke.

At first, it was just off balanced, but then the front right wheel popped. We decided that we could go on, and just kept struggling along. Soon afterward, the other front wheel stopped turning. So we tried to fix it. We didn’t fix it. We tried to just do wheelies for the rest of the time, but then the other right wheel popped too.

By the time we got to where we were supposed to start, we only had one working wheel. so we decided to make it a Palenkine.

We were definitely the most notable group. At any one time, we had 5 or 6 people carrying the sled. our group was called the screaming giraffes. Our S.P.L. would call out “Say Colorado!” and we would reply with “I’m a Giraffe!”

We had fun doing all the stations, but we didn’t like some of them, like the horse Nerf aiming place, and the save the leprechaun. Also, surprisingly, we didn’t get last in the race. We accidentally burnt a demon log, we got electrified several times on the electrified wall, and we got very muddy. Eventually, we all left, and went to a Scout’s house for pizza and a movie. We watched The Sandlot, and got Domino’s pizza. I think that will be one of our most memorable experiences.

Klondike Derby