It’s Klondike again! Wow it’s been a journey. Once again, we return to Little Bennet for Klondike. Pretty basic arrival, we got there, set up tents, light a fire, register at the unfairly far away registry, and eat snacks and hang out until we clean up and go to bed.

The more interesting pert of the campout is the activities. After breakfast and the Raising of the Flag, we went down to the further area, and did the activities down there. The activities included an Obstacle Course, Fire Making, and making a Commando Bridge, and First Aid. While in line we were able to play some games ourselves, like Limbo and Handslap games.

For lunch, we returned to our campsite and had sandwiches and donuts and cleaned up a bit, before getting to the afternoon activities, including blowing things with air guns, piggyback nerf gun target practice, balancing on beams, and saving a leprechaun. After, we ran out of activity time, so we went back to the campsite, to blowtorch our dinner.

No really, we made pizzas and cooked them with with a blowtorch.

After cleaning up dinner, we went to the gathering to find who won the most points, see skits, and enjoy our last night of Klondike for the year. Then we went back to camp, and went to bed.

Then we had another pretty basic morning, cleaning up, eating breakfast, cleaning up, and going home. Klondike is always an AMAZING experience, and we had a great time.

Klondike 2023