Our sled didn’t break this time! Halleluiah! Anyways…

We went to Klondike! Klondike is a scouting camp where a bunch of troops and patrols in the area camp and do a bunch of activities together. First thing we did when we went there was set up tents and a fire and all that. Soon we went to check in our sled, which we had our first experience driving. T’was fun. When we got back, we had hot dogs and S’mores, and eventually went to bed.

On Saturday, we woke up, had French toast, sausage, and all that. We cleaned up, and went to the activities. First we went to the one further away from our campsite, which had activities like building a fire, helping an “injured” friend, making a commando bridge and crossing it, carrying the sled, pulling it with everyone on it, and other things we couldn’t get to, like lifting your sled over and “electric fence” without it touching it, and a monkey bridge, which we’re experienced with. Once the morning was over, we went back to camp and had sandwiches. An adventure that we had when we were coming back though, was the pipe that held the axle, which kept moving around. Luckily, we were able to fix it before soon.

In the afternoon, we did activities like catapults, shelters, races with the sled, nerf gun aiming, shooting a tennis ball at a yeti, rescuing a leprechaun from the Ga Ga Pit, and a destroyed drone not letting us balancing on it, ya know, the kind of things that are important. We vibed with a few other patrols too. it was really fun. Soon we went back to the camp and stayed there for a bit, talked, and had tacos. Soon we went to the camp campfire and watched some amazing skits, found out who won different competitions, and more. Not really, but I enjoy exaggerating things. Soon we went back to the campsite, vibed a bit longer, and went to bed. In the morning we had yogurt parfaits, cleaned up, and went home.

carrying the sled
commando bridge

Assembling the Sled

Finished Sled

Finished Painting

Klondike 2022