So we arrived and started the toe path, where we took off a few layers, and hung out with our (hopefully) new recruits, and eventually we got to the actual trail. It was really fun, though some of the adults were slow.

We had a lot of fun climbing over rocks, and we eventually got to the harder part. One of out scout leaders left at this point, because they were still recovering from a broken arm. This part included pot holes, jumps from rock to rock, and at the end, a 50 degree slope that we had to climb.

At this point, we stopped to eat some food, while climbing some interesting rocks. Eventually we got to the third part, where it was less hard, and where we had an exiting time jumping from rock to rock. This part also included a beach, a nice swampy area and a river that you had to cross a log on. also in this part, one of the scouts parent’s rolled an ankle, and we had to stop and treat it.

Scout Selfie
Billy Goat Trail!!!